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About The Game

Your name is Adam Stringer.

Its 1908 and you live in Devon.

You're fresh out of the Crime Academy and it's your first week on the job working as a detective who hopes to follow in his father's footsteps and become a successful detective who will go on to solve many cases.

The local station you report to has just received a call about a violent murder that has occurred in a rural village in Dartmoor called "Morning".

You have been assigned to the case and have been given a mode of transport, a hotel room in the local inn and a brief.

You must figure out who murdered the victim, why that person murdered the victim and what the murder weapon was.

Although the murderer won't take a detective meddling in his business lightly. The murderer has kidnapped a villager and has told Adam that if he doesn't leave the village before sunrise the villager will die.

Adam must now work against the clock to solve this murder and prevent there being another victim.

About The Project

My name is Sami Zirak and Minutes To Morning was my final project for my 3D Design module from my second year of university where I study Computing and Games Development.

We were given 6 Weeks to design and create a 3D street scene of a genre of our choice that would showcase 3D models we had created from scratch using Autodesk 3Ds Max. We then had to bring this street of assets to life through implementing interactions, audio and animation.

I decided to create a Cluedo inspired street scene set on Dartmoor in England at night where you have to interact with objects and people to get clues as to who the murderer is before the sun rises again in the morning and the killer kills again.

All constructive feedback and comments are appreciated as I am a second year student in the process of learning and bettering my Game Development skills.

Twitter - https://twitter.com/SamiZirakDev


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